About Coyotes
Here in the hills of Sherman Oaks, we used to hear coyote wails quite frequently during the night, and we suspected that we had more than our share of the critters in our neighborhood because it was thought that the nutty old guy down the hill used to leave bowls of dog food out for them at night.  But he died (wonder if they ate him?) a couple of years ago, and gradually, once their food source was gone, we started hearing less and less of their plaintive wails at night.  Never thought much about it until the invasion began. 

The only thing to admire about gophers is that they are certainly not lazy.  But you can't exactly enjoy the fruits of their labor.  Practically everywhere you go in our canyon you'll see the mounds of dirt they throw up out of the earth as they burrow faster than Pac-Man.  Gophers eat the roots of everything you like, and allow to grow all the things you don't.  So, we lost our grass, rose bushes, bougainvilleas, and Algerian ivy while in their place the gophers are happy to cultivate every kind of weed imaginable.  And, just for fun, they dig up rocks that were perfectly fine resting two or three feet underground and throw them up on the lawn -- which soon comes to resemble the No Man's Land between British and German troops last seen in
War Horse

But as the local coyotes have increased (evidenced by the sounds we hear at night) the gopher population has stalled, or perhaps even receded a bit.  To which, I can only say to my coyote friends "bon apetit."