Mr. Negativity
So Mr. Jerry Sullivan, columnist for The Buffalo News, has had it with Buffalo Bills coach Chan Gailey. He says, in his column, that Gailey should be fired. The problem is, that Jerry's too stupid to see that, in spite of some heartbreaking losses this season, the Bills are a much better team under Chan than they have been in the past decade. Sure the losses hurt (and, believe me, I've been a Bills fan a lot longer than most: see my essay). But the team now has something to build on. Look at the record. Their offense has scored points. The defense has stopped good teams. Special teams has had great games. But, as any Bills fan can see, they have not consistently played great in all three phases of the game at the same time.  But, oh by the way, several weeks ago, they came within one play of beating the Patriots (in Foxboro) the team who blew out the "NFL Elite" Texans on MNF last night 42 - 14.  So what does Jerry Sullivan want to do... tear it all down?  Fire the coach?  Start all over again?  Great strategy Jerry.  Let's start from scratch with a new coach, and a new system, and wait another four years for results. Brilliant.

Well you know who I think ought to get fired? Jerry Sullivan. Football is a game of emotion, and Jerry is Mr. Negative Energy incarnate. How would you like to be a player on a team when one of the lead sports writers on the local paper can NEVER find ANYTHING good to say about you or your team? Worse than that, he's not only negative, he's usually wrong. He's like that guy in the FedEx commercial: "Nate, you always get it wrong!" Jerry thinks The Buffalo News pays French benefits, and that Steely Dan is one person, and it's called the Leaning Tower of Pizza. Let's review...

Jerry wrote that the Bills never pay for top talent. Team owner Ralph Wilson is too cheap. Then they spent big money on Mario Williams and Jerry writes that it was money foolishly spent because Mario wasn't trying hard enough.  He was just cashing a paycheck.  He wrote that Mario Williams was dogging it on the field because he had a refrigerator in his locker. Uh, Jerry, maybe the guy was hurt, and, unlike you, was too much of a man to complain about it.

Oh yeah, and then, let's not forget that Jerry said that drafting C.J. Spiller was a stupid move by Bills General Manager Buddy Nix because they had other needs... like at quarterback. Now he thinks that C.J. is God's gift to the Bills. No, Jerry, he's Buddy's gift to the Bills. You got it wrong again.

I could go on and on. But let's face it. Jerry is relentlessly negative. He may think it's good journalism. I say it's a punk's game to take cheap shots - and that's all he ever does.  It's hard for the Bills to get better, when their home town sports writers are so down on them.  He now thinks Gailey should be fired, before that, he thought Dick Jauron should be fired, then it was Mike Mularkey, then it was Greg Williams then Wade Phillips.  See a pattern here?

With a little research I happened to notice that ever since Jerry has been a writer for The Buffalo News, the Bills (with a couple of exceptions) have had losing season after losing season.  Maybe Mr. Negative Energy is part of the cause.  If I was in the Bills organization, I'd never let the guy into the press room. I'd make him buy his own seat at the games.  Jerry's kind of loser mentality feeds like a zombie on those around him.  He's a character-sucking black hole.  He hurts Buffalo, and he hurts the Bills.  Jerry must go.  Please go back to New England, Jerry.  That is, if you could get a job there (unlikely).  Oh, yeah, and on top of his negativity, he's frankly a sub-average writer who can't turn an original phrase.  Get better, Buffalo.  Fire Jerry!