Ron Wilkerson
This is not a page that I am looking forward to updating.  We've lost some very precious people in recent years, and I've been called upon too many times to write eulogies to those I cared about deeply.  But I want their memory to remain alive, and perhaps a few words here will help.  Click on the picture to read the tribute...

James Doohan
I met James when I was writing and directing a commercial project for Alesis Studio Electronics.  "Call me Jimmy" were the first words he spoke to me as I picked him up at the Burbank airport as he arrived for our shoot.  An amazing man, who proved to be even more so as I got to know him.  I was really privileged to be able to work with him.

Ed Poltrack
My father-in-law, good friend, golf buddy and inspiration, lived an adventurous life filled with loving family and much laughter.  A WWII bomber pilot, Ed flew his B-25 in 60 missions in the Pacific theatre (10 more than he had to) before returning to marry his high school sweetheart, Marjorie.  A man big enough for two eulogies, one of which was written by my loving wife, Beverly Poltrack Wilkerson after she sang "How Great Thou Art" at the service.   Her eulogy is reproduced here. 

Keith Barr
My business partner and lifelong friend died suddenly in August 2010.  An innovator who changed the world of recorded music with his inventions at MXR Innovations and Alesis Studio Electronics.  Keith had moved his family from Los Angeles to Washington state, and lived his last years in an environment that he truly loved.  We were on the verge of releasing his first medical product at the time of his death.  I drove to Washington for his funeral service and delivered his eulogy.

Bobby "D"
An incredibly gifted musician and an inspirational person, Bobby left us far too soon.  Though we played music together for nearly twenty years, it was not nearly enough.  Bobby's musical gifts were enormous, as was the love he shared with so many.  I miss him every day.  This is the eulogy that I delivered at his funeral service.