The Dukes of Soul
Following the departure of Junior Mince and Andy Gutman, The Dukes of Soul reformed with a new guitar player, Scott Ellison, an absolute burner from Tulsa, OK.  We found the incredible voice of Rudy Luv through his cousin Tony Mathews, an awesome blues guitarist and singer who had subbed for us on a lot of Junior Mince gigs. 

The Dukes of Soul went into the studio and cut some original tracks that reflected well on all of us.  The track auto-playing here "Made of Soul" became something of a theme song for us.  The solo section in the middle where Scotty trades fours with tenor sax player Earl Mallory is a blast.  "Kool Earl" as we called him, played on many gigs with the band.  The next cut, "Be Real" was recorded in the same session.

Left to right: Virgil Angel (baritone sax), Wayne Osborne (tenor and alto sax), Julius "Dr J" Dawson (bass), Ron Wilkerson (keyboards, though I never actually played the accordion on gigs), Rudy Luv (vocals), and Scott Ellison (guitar).  Not pictured here are our drummer Kai Ballard, and tenor sax player Earl Mallory who couldn't make the shoot that day. 

Listen To The Band:

Made of Soul (Ron Wilkerson) © 1989

Be Real (Ron Wilkerson) © 1989